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Who we are?

We are a team of the independent distributors of Coral Club products. We have a passion for sports, proper nutrition and  healthy lifestyle.

We consume foods rich in vitamins, and natural supplements are part of our daily menu, which motivates us to sincerely recommend to all our relatives and friends. As Coral Club Distributors, we kindly invite you to try our range of products – certified to the highest quality standards and known worldwide for the outstanding results of improving and maintaining indoor and outdoor health.

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Are you wondering what the advantages of a partnership with us are? I listed below some of them:

Discount on all products: Get your membership card and get a 20% discount on buying each product! Registration is free, simple and fast, directly on our site! To activate the membership code you need to make your first order within 90 days of the date of registration.

Monthly bonuses for each referralInvite your friends to Coral Club and receive a 5% bonus for their purchases!

Awards and rebates: Because we want you to enjoy every order and thank you for choosing Coral Club, we have created a simple game system for you and your country friends! Accumulates 500 points in your account and receives Premium Consumer status! The new status gives you an extra bonus of 10% of all your purchases!

Free ProductsAs a Premium Consumer, you can order products and pay with your personal bonuses (up to 30% of the order value). Also, as a partner you can receive valuable prizes and money products! Write to us for more details!

As you can see, working with us is not just an opportunity for lower prices for products, many of our partners choose Coral Club for an additional or main source of income. Want to find out more details? Write us! 😉