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Colo Vada Plus Coral Club

The Program 2 Colo-Vada Plus for cleansing may be used in conjunction with diets and fasting. This program is designed for 14 days and includes a 3-step process that permits maximum efficacy of detoxification, improves the digestive tract function and preserves beneficial intestinal microbial flora.

Colo Vada is now called Go-Detox in USA.


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Colo Vada Plus / Go Detox

The ColoVada Plus program by Coral Club is a comprehensive solution for improving the overall health and wellness of the body. Its unique blend of natural ingredients is specifically formulated to cleanse and restore balance to the body’s biological systems, including the digestive tract and intestines. As a result of the program, many people have experienced weight loss as the body is purged of toxins, waste, and feces, leading to a feeling of increased energy and vitality. In addition to its cleansing properties, the ColoVada Plus program also helps to maintain a healthy balance of intestinal microflora, which is essential for proper digestion and overall health. It is easy to follow and can be completed in the comfort of your own home, without the need for any additional devices or substances.

According to customers of Coral Club, the ColoVada program has numerous beneficial characteristics and outcomes, thanks to the included products. Some of these benefits include antioxidant properties, a mild laxative effect, support for the intestines, normalization of gastrointestinal microflora, support for digestion, and strengthening of the body. The combination of supplements in ColoVada also has antiparasitic effects and can be used at longer intervals for optimal benefits. Many customers have reported an improvement in overall well-being after using the ColoVada program, and it is often recommended for both short-term and periodic use as a healthy measure to support a longer lifespan.

For the best results, we strongly recommend consuming sufficient water, ideally alkaline water, during the ColoVada program. To help alkalize your water and maintain a healthy hydro-saline and acid-base balance, Coral Club recommends using the product Coral Mine, a complex of natural minerals. Additionally, to support energy levels and protect the body from free radicals, we recommend using H-500. This product helps to prevent the oxidation of healthy cells, restore a favorable alkaline environment in the body, and improve cell nutrition and substance exchange. It is recommended to take two capsules of H-500 daily during the ColoVada program.

Colo Vada Plus composition:

Cascara Sagrada is a widely used agent that has a mild laxative effect and supports the body’s cleansing process by promoting regular bowel movements and removing deposits without causing irritation.

Black walnut leaves are known for their ability to slow putrefaction and intestinal cementation, as well as having a mild laxative effect similar to Cascara Sagrada.

Ultimate is a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs, helping to replenish missing nutrients and stimulate metabolism.

Coral Alfalfa is a natural supplement that contains ingredients like alfalfa, which can effectively reduce appetite and improve digestion, supporting weight loss.

Colo-Vada Mix is a high-fiber dietary supplement that helps cleanse the intestines and aid in digestion, with kaolin in the formula protecting and absorbing the contents of the intestine to help eliminate them from the body.

DigestAble helps to supplement missing digestive enzymes like amylase, protease, lipase, bromelain, and others, aiding in the absorption of nutrients by the body.

Colo Vada Plus Coral Club – steps of body detox:

The ColoVada Plus program is designed to be completed over a period of 14 days and consists of three stages. Each stage focuses on supporting the elimination of deposits from the body, improving the digestive system, maintaining a healthy balance of intestinal microflora, and balancing the levels of vitamins and minerals in the body, as well as protecting the body with necessary substances and minimizing discomfort.
– The first stage, Preparation, lasts for 7 days and includes 14 sachets marked with the number 1, each containing the supplements Ultimate, Vitamin C, Coral Alfalfa, Cascara Sagrada, Combination Two, and Black Walnut Leaves.
– The second stage, Cleaning, lasts for 4 days and includes 8 sachets marked with the number 2 and 16 sachets of Colo-Vada Mix powder, each containing Ultimate, Vitamin C, Coral Alfalfa, Cascara Sagrada, Combination Two, and Black Walnut Leaves.
– The final stage, Regeneration, is a 3-day period during which you will take 6 sachets marked with the number 3, each containing Ultimate, Vitamin C, Coral Alfalfa, Cascara Sagrada, and DigestAble.


Colo-Vada Plus reviews:

“When friends ask me about my opinion on the ColoVada program, I always tell them, ‘You have to try it!’ In my experience, this program is very comprehensive and incredibly effective. I’ve done it twice now and have noticed significant results like clearer, calmer skin, a balanced metabolism, more energy, and just overall feeling better. In my opinion, it’s a top-notch detox program that everyone should know about,” says Mary, a 35-year-old who has tried the ColoVada program.

John, a 25-year-old with a busy and stressful lifestyle, says, “I make an effort to detox my body regularly, and thanks to the ColoVada program, I feel better and support my health for a longer period of time.”

Kate, a 41-year-old who struggled with chronic inflammation of the ovaries for years, shares, “The combination of vitamins and nutrients in the ColoVada package helped me solve several health problems, including the inflammation of my ovaries that I couldn’t get rid of for years. I was told that the health of our entire body starts in the gut, and even my gynecologist recommended a colon detox. After doing some research and reading various reviews, including those about ColoVada, I decided to try the program. I’m so grateful to my friend for introducing me to this product. I can’t wait to do another detox soon.”

Colovada / Colo Vada Plius Coral Club – price

If you don’t know where to buy the Colovada / Colo Vada Plius set – we help you! The easiest way to buy is through the official Coral Club store, available HERE.

The price of the ColoVada set can vary, as the manufacturer often offers various promotions and discounts, such as a 20% discount for Coral Club members. Therefore, we do not list the official price of the ColoVada package on our website and instead refer interested customers to the manufacturer’s website for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Dr. Albert Zehr, the creator of the ColoVada Plus and ColoVada Light detoxification programs, has explained the reasoning behind the three-stage design of the program, how each stage works, the expected results, and the overall effectiveness of the program.


colo vada plus coral clubColo Vada Plus Coral Club