The sea hides a mysterious world in its depths. The sea also greatly influences our lives no matter where we live, it controls the climate and air we all breathe. The sea offers us a rich source of food and minerals, and in its depths, it contains even more secrets to improve the health and longevity of humanity.

For thousands of years, the sea has strengthened layers of coral. When the coral dies, it is finally worn by the sea forming coral bedding. Coral Beds turn into coral dust, and from here begins the history of Marin Coral. From old coral bedding to the glass of drinkable water on your body.
In the crystalline waters of the Japanese archipelago, there are old islands known today as Okinawa, where they find some of the largest and prolific coral reefs in the world.


The island of Okinawa, enveloped by colorful landscapes and endless bodies of water life, are remnants of old coral reefs built over time to form a wide expanse where many of the locals enjoy a remarkable healthy life. They live, spend their free time, work at sea, enjoy pure water and fresh air.

Studies have shown that people in this region not only live more than anyone else in the world but also have a low rate of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis or other degenerative diseases.

The quality of life enjoyed by the locals of this island in recent years seems to be better than anywhere in the world. Many people aged between 80 and 115 live here and most residents enjoy an active and disease-free life, which we can not tell from most communities around the world.


People on Okinawa have the lowest mortality rate caused by cancer or heart disease, and many researchers and doctors have come to the island to study the underlying cause of indigenous longevity and health. Specialists have discovered that the health source does not come entirely from rigorous physical exercise or healthy diet, but it also comes largely from the water the locals consume, the water they drink and the inhabitants of Okinawa is different from the water from anywhere on the globe. When it rains, the water penetrates through the old corals, collecting elements necessary for the calcium and magnesium intake.

Water is the only and most important nutrient to maintain life. The human body contains 70% water, and the blood is 90% water. Blood is responsible for transporting food in every living cell, and under normal circumstances, one person requires between 1.5 and 3 liters of water on average per day. Unfortunately, the world’s water reserve drops significantly due to pollutants, pesticides and acid rain, and harmful elements to the human body such as chloroform, aluminum – have been found in most drinking waters around the globe. These pollutants come from the waste of agricultural factories or sewer systems that find a way to access the drinking water supply system. In almost every home in the world, this simple demonstration shows how coral water helps purify ordinary water.

It can live in an area where the water contains little or no chlorine, but still has a low PH and high acid levels. Human organisms require water with a high level of PH to fight disease.



John, 26 years old

“In my opinion, coral water helps clean the body and maintain the proper pH in the body so that I can be healthy and active”.

Anna, 35 years old

“My opinion about coral water is a very positive one. There is an ancient Japanese prophecy that says a great treasure will come out of the sea around Okinawa. Coral water is a treasure for my health”.

Michelle, 46 years old

“My opinion? Because I drink coral water, I am healthy and I have a very active life”.



“Coral-Mine” is a natural product manufactured in Japan from the scleractinian deepwater coral that grows in Japan, near the Okinawa and Tokunoshima islands.

Coral is a unique substance in which, for over 500 million years of existence, the perfect harmony between the animal, plant and mineral world has been consolidated. This wonderful creation of nature combines in its structure some material forms: it is a marine animal with a strange contour that reminds of exotic plants, it exists because of its mineral salts and feeds on marine microorganisms.


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