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Coral Club history starts from the Okinawa island, ancient coral reefs and sachets with a mineral composition that enriches water with beneficial minerals.  From 18 years we motivate people from all around the world to drink biological water, rich in natural ingredients.  We offer attractive, convenient and simple solutions that help in maintaining good health. Thanks to the combination of nature and the latest Coral Club technologies, the products are natural and effective in the same time.  Coral Club customers benefit from individual consultations that meet their needs, and not only from excellent products but also effective protection systems, as well as maintaining health and energy supplementing. Coral Club Company is a group of great people which connects common idea – healthy lifestyle.  By joining Coral Club you get the opportunity to participate in the rebate program as well as access to attractive promotions and trainings.
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Why Coral Club

Each of us decides what aspects of his life he wants to invest in, in illness or in health. Illness or health? What is the purpose of your investment?

My name is Adriana and I am 43 years old. I was born in the Republic of Moldova, and I have been working in the health field for more than 10 years. I graduated the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, and after nine years of study, when I got into a difficult health situation with my own child, I understood that all my knowledge in college is not enough to fulfill my mission as a doctor. . After several researches in the field, in 2002 we knew a holistic approach, presented in a scientifically based system for maintaining and restoring health. It is about the concept of health based on the vital essential principles: cell regeneration and the systemic approach.

After I personally implemented this concept, in just 3 months I managed to completely remove the problem of my child and even more, to discover the true causes of it. Which is practically a real victory for any doctor. We all know that most of the time, children radically change the way we think and even the meaning of life. The same happened in my case 🙂

This result led me to study in detail the principles of this approach and to continue to apply them in my life, in the life of my family and later in the lives of thousands of people from different countries such as Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Italy, USA. , Great Britain, Russia, Germany, Poland.

The most important thing I realized is that the human body has extraordinary recovery mechanisms. All we have to do is know the algorithm and the conditions necessary for its self-healing and adapt them as a lifestyle.

I am always happy to share with you all my knowledge and experiences!

Adriana Sochircă,
Specialist in health, nutrition and cell regeneration


We are a team of Independent Distributors of Coral Club products and we have a passion for sports and healthy lifestyle.

Coral Club Company offers over 150 effective and innovative products for a healthy and active lifestyle. The entire coral-club production is based on high-quality safety and the attractiveness meets the highest global quality standards. We cooperate with the best specialists and we ensure maximum production safety.

We are eating food which is rich in vitamins, and the natural supplements are part of our daily menu, which motivates us to sincerely recommend to all our relatives and friends. As Coral Club Distributors, we kindly invite you to try our  products – certified to the highest quality standards and known worldwide for the outstanding results of improving and maintaining the health.

Do you want to more about us? Write us directly on the Contact section. We are pleased to help and advice you on what to choose for your health.


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