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ALKALINE WATER - vital characteristics and benefits

ALKALINE WATER – characteristics, composition, and vital benefits

Many things are so common to us that we no longer pay attention to them. For example, the fact that water is more than just a physical substance. Water represents a concept related to the idea of life. Regardless of age, sex, or colour, each of us is composed of water, like any other living being, and this accounts for a percentage of 70-90%.
Alkaline water is a daily necessity, and to support its normal vital functions, an adult needs to consume approximately 2.5 litres of water every day. In this regard, nutrition specialists recommend paying attention to the quality of the water we drink because our health is directly conditioned by it.

If your well-being and that of your loved ones are a priority for you, we invite you to discover what you need to know about the water in your body and what characteristics determine water quality.

Alkaline water – properties

As we know from the preceding article in which we talked about dehydration, a person can live for a month or even longer without consuming food, but only a few days without drinking water. However, what are the aspects that truly mark the quality of water, and what is the essence of this miraculous substance that constitutes our physical body? What do we currently know about it?

“What is flexible and pliable conquers what is strong, and what is soft defeats what is hard. We all know this, but no one dares to live by it,” wrote the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu 2500 years ago.

Nothing in the world is as soft and flexible as water. Nevertheless, it erodes what is hard and strong, and nothing can defeat it. Water has been extensively studied by numerous scientists, and it is well known that water possesses unusual physicochemical properties compared to other liquids.
No scientist has been able to explain why the density of water increases below its freezing point and decreases above it. Every substance contracts when cooled, except water, which expands. Researchers have also determined that water can create enormous pressures. For example, during germination, the water in a seed reaches a pressure of 400 atmospheres. For this reason, a plant is capable of penetrating even asphalt during sprouting.

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However, science has yet to answer a series of questions such as, why is water the only substance on the planet that can exist in three states: liquid, solid, and gaseous? Why is the surface tension of water the greatest among all liquids? Why is water the most powerful solvent on Earth? Why can water rise through the trunks of trees despite gravity and the pressure of dozens of atmospheres?

“The old theory says: the chemical composition of water is the most important. But the sensational news is that this is not correct. The structure of water is much more important than its chemical composition.” (Rustum Roy, professor at the State University of Pennsylvania, member of the International Academy of Science, USA)

Numerous studies conducted by scientists from different countries such as Japan, China, USA, Switzerland, Russia, Austria, and England have reached the same conclusion: water has memory. Experiments carried out in this regard have shown that cold water receives and records any external influence, preserving the memory of the events that occur in its surrounding space. Thus, any substance or person that comes into contact with water leaves an imprint on its structure.

Alkaline water – where can we find it

As it records information, the water acquires new properties. However, its chemical composition remains unchanged. For a long time, scientists have been and continue to be interested in the secrets of longevity. As a result, it has been established that the longest-living people reside in certain areas on Earth, known as “blue zones.” For example, the Hunza Valley in Northern Pakistan, Okinawa Island in the Japanese archipelago, Vilcabamba in Ecuador, and mountainous valleys in Georgia, Mongolia, or Peru.
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The inhabitants of these regions have different diets, but they share the water they consume. For example, the water drunk by the Hunza people comes from the Ultar Glacier, which is thousands of years old. The renowned scientist Henri Coanda discovered that the water in these regions, where the inhabitants live beyond the age of 100 without falling ill, has some unusual characteristics – it is highly alkaline. The scientist decided to investigate these waters in detail and observed that the freezing and boiling points, density, and surface tension were different from ordinary water.

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After his investigations, Henri Coanda transmitted the research results to his collaborator and successor, the renowned scientist Dr. Patrick Flanagan, so that he could discover how to produce water with similar qualities.

The research lasted for 30 years, and as a result of numerous experiments, water with these unique characteristics was successfully produced. However, unlike Hunza water, the properties of this water quickly disappeared with any movement. The answer to why Hunza water retains its properties was found later with the discovery of minimal mineral particles in this water, approximately 5 nanometers in size, which are 2000 times smaller than a red blood cell.

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The electric potential of these mineral particles is very high, attracting water molecules. The explanation for this phenomenon lies in the fact that a water molecule is polar. An H2O molecule consists of one negatively charged oxygen part and two positively charged hydrogen parts. The mineral particles discovered in Hunza water are negatively charged, which is why they attract the positively charged hydrogen. This creates a fluid crystalline structure.

Intracellular and intercellular water – structure

Intracellular water (within cells) and intercellular water (surrounding cells) in the human body have a high crystalline structure. This is very different from commercial or tap water, which lacks structure and is amorphous. In order to assimilate water, the body processes and transforms it into biological water, which has a crystalline structure. Of course, this entire process of transforming water is carried out by the body using its own resources.
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Alkaline water is structured water, a “living” or biological water with all the necessary characteristics for the human body. As a result, the body saves vital energy and does not waste it on transforming the quality and composition of water.

After 5 years of research, Henri Coanda was able to provide accurate information regarding the average lifespan of people in any location around the world, solely based on the qualities of the water they consume.

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