A healthy lifestyle is not just about consuming healthy products or doing sports. It represents your style, actions and daily activities. In this section you will find a wide range of Coral Club accessories to complement what is most important for you – Health, Sport and Ecology.

The Trend of Coral Club Accessories contributes significantly to a healthy lifestyle and offers you stylish and durable organic KOR bottles as well as the exclusive Neutronic Stickers to protect you from the radiation of your mobile phone and WiFi waves.

In our offer you will find Coral Club accessories tailored to your needs – you can choose any color (gray, black, purple, blue, pink or azure), the durable and the Ecco friendly material will make your bottle a must to have with you anywhere.

Also, in this section you will find the Neutronic product, which will protect you from the harmful radiation of electronic devices – either by phone, TV or monitor. This device protects the human body from electromagnetic charge.

We guarantee that the KOR bottle or Neutronik bottle will become the perfect accessory when you go to the office, gym, or an outdoor walk.

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