IMMUNITY - a quick and effective start

The human body is like an extraordinary living machinery, equipped with a magical system of self-regulation and protection. IMMUNITY is an important part of it. However, the secrets of this machinery have not been fully discovered until today. Moreover, a considerable number of people are unaware of the internal and miraculous powers of their own “machinery”.

It is well-known that our body has multiple levels of protection, enormous regenerative and self-healing potential, and a very high degree of adaptability. Due to this, each of us is directly responsible for our own body and its proper functioning.

Nevertheless, most people know that when pain occurs, it is essential to seek timely medical attention. Why? Because the doctor has the task of solving the existing health problem, while we are directly responsible for removing the causes that led to the disease and, above all, preventing the occurrence of new pathologies.

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Why do people get sick?

Unbalanced lifestyles and unhealthy habits have led to the emergence of a considerable number of chronic pathologies. At the same time, modern medicine has made a tremendous leap in the fields of diagnosis, transplantation, and surgery. However, chronic diseases remain a pressing issue.

It is extremely important to know that the human body is a complex composed of 12 organ systems that function as a whole. SEE HERE the simple concept of health in just 5 STEPS.

We mostly get sick due to neglecting the aforementioned facts. We focus heavily on treating a symptom or a specific organ without directing our attention to the whole system. Additionally, we often prioritize the elimination of symptoms, such as headaches, weakness, fatigue, and lack of sleep, rather than analyzing the underlying causes of these symptoms.

When we know the cause, we can practically address the root of the problem and eliminate it more easily. Furthermore, we prevent its development and progression into an infection and then disease.

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The most important element of our “machinery” that we can directly influence is the defence element – IMMUNITY. Here, we are talking about the immune system, which is perfectly organized to fulfill its main function: defence. SEE HERE the comprehensive immunity set – Immunity Pack, created by Coral Club experts.

What is immunity?

The immune system represents a host defense system that includes many biological structures and processes within an organism, which protects against diseases. When it functions properly, the immune system detects a wide variety of agents known as pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, or parasitic worms, and neutralizes their harmful action on the healthy tissues of the body.

Organs that are part of the immune system:
  • Tonsils and adenoids (nasal polyps)
  • Thymus gland
  • Lymph nodes
  • Spleen
  • Appendix
  • Peyer’s patches
  • Bone marrow

Together, the organs of the immune system produce our main protective cells, called lymphocytes, also known as white blood cells. SEE HERE the simple concept of health in just 5 STEPS.

How does immunity work?

As soon as the body is attacked by an infection, i.e., pathogenic bacteria such as microbes or viruses attempting to penetrate it, lymphocytes start producing antibodies. Antibodies are a series of proteins that serve as weapons for our immunity. They attack the “invaders” and engage in a real battle with them. Only when the immune system is healthy and lymphocytes are strong and present in sufficient quantities can the battle be won!

While lymphocytes guard our health in the bloodstream, their “colleagues,” macrophages, are present in the cells of internal organs. Their task is to immediately “arrest” bacteria that have entered the tissues.

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It is the responsibility of each of us to directly create the necessary conditions for our body to function as efficiently as possible at the system level. Why? Because it is much easier and more effective to prevent illness, and medicine can only provide support to the main process, which we need to constantly and obligatorily work on ourselves. SEE HERE the simple concept of health in just 5 STEPS.

How can we quickly boost immunity? As we know from the simple concept of health in just 5 steps, it is necessary to have an integrated approach to health. By rigorously following the sequence of these steps, we can start the magical machinery of health, where each organ system performs its function correctly. This way, our body becomes a harmonious and well-protected system.

So, how can we quickly boost immunity in 7 simple and efficient steps:
  1. Positive thinking:
    Your psychological state and positive attitude are crucial for the proper functioning of your body. Strong emotional stress increases the production of stress hormones such as adrenaline, cortisol, and acetylcholine, also known as the “weakness hormone.” This makes the human body’s immune system more vulnerable.
  2. Fresh air:  Regularly ventilating the rooms is not only necessary but mandatory! Fresh air improves inspiration, respiration, and the process of delivering clean oxygen to the brain.
  3. Exercise: Physical exercise represents training and activation of all systems. This way, we eliminate toxins naturally.
  4. Hydration: Consuming an adequate amount of alkaline water with oxidative-reduction potential helps eliminate metabolic waste from the body.
  5. Live food: Increased intake of alkalizing foods, such as raw vegetables, boosts the body’s energy and supports the immune system. Additionally, it supplies the body with necessary enzymes and vitamins.
  6. Reduced sugar intake: Sugar contributes to the proliferation of pathogens, including viruses. This substance directly influences and weakens immunity. The choice is yours. 😉
  7. Natural supplements: While fresh food and a healthy diet help provide our bodies with a specific amount of vitamins and minerals, dietary supplements can provide a series of necessary nutrients that are usually not found in daily nutrition or are present in very small quantities. In most cases, a natural dietary supplement will offer the necessary micronutrient supply that your body needs for the prevention and proper functioning of each organ system.

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In this regard, Coral Club has developed a comprehensive, simple, and efficient system guided step by step, based on grandiose results and the 22-year experience of world-class specialists in the field. This complex helps you create all the necessary conditions for robust health!

Always remember, you are the master of your body and your well-being 🙂