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This dietary supplement was created based on chlorella microalgae – popular algae from the green algae cluster. This alga is a real health bomb – it contains as many as 70 substances necessary for humans. Its antioxidant properties and positive effects on the immune system and digestive system have been known for a long time.


Chlorella: A Nutrient-Rich Superfood

Chlorella, available from Coral Club, is a natural dietary supplement that is often referred to as a vitamin and health bomb due to its rich content of over 70 different micronutrients. It offers numerous benefits for various areas of the body:

Chlorella supports liver health and aids in the removal of heavy metals from the body. It also promotes the growth of beneficial intestinal microflora and soothes irritated intestinal walls. Additionally, it has a positive effect on the immune system by supporting the production of interferon, a protein with potent antiviral properties.

This plant is known to improve concentration and memory due to its high content of folic acid and lutein. It is especially recommended for women who are planning to conceive.

Chlorella from Coral Club is rich in iron, calcium (11 times more than milk), zinc, manganese, selenium, and magnesium. Its antioxidant properties primarily support the immune system, making it highly recommended for individuals struggling with reduced immunity, particularly during winter.

Chlorella: Actions and Benefits

Chlorella is renowned for its high chlorophyll content, containing 5-10 times more chlorophyll than popular alternatives like spirulina or alfalfa extract. Chlorophyll can aid in the treatment of anemia by improving blood oxygen saturation.

For vegetarians, chlorella serves as an excellent source of protein. It also contains beta-carotene, various vitamins (such as B9, B12, E, and C), amino acids, and minerals necessary for optimal nutrition. This makes it a great meat substitute.

Chlorella positively influences digestion by regulating the secretion of digestive juices and providing nourishment for beneficial microflora in the intestines. Users have reported improved bowel function and relief from indigestion.

It is particularly recommended for individuals who are weakened or facing various health problems, the elderly, those living in polluted areas (such as large cities) or working in hazardous conditions, smokers, alcohol consumers, anemia sufferers, and those with digestive system issues.

Chlorella and Weight Loss

Chlorella’s positive effects on the digestive system make it a suitable supplement for weight loss. A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food found that chlorella supplementation significantly reduces body fat, cholesterol, and blood glucose levels. If you are looking to naturally shed excess weight, incorporating algae with high protein content, such as chlorella, may be beneficial.

Chlorella Coral Club: Ingredients and Dosage

Ingredients: Chlorella Pyrenoidosa powder – 3000 mg. The recommended daily dosage is 2 tablets taken three times a day with meals.

Chlorella Coral Club: Where to Buy and Pricing

We recommend purchasing Chlorella Coral Club directly from the manufacturer. You can find the supplement HERE. The price may vary, and the manufacturer often offers promotions. Registering on the website provides a 20% discount on all supplements.

Chlorella: Customer Reviews

“I struggled with weight problems for a long time. Chlorella helped me effortlessly eliminate excess body fat. It’s a great supplement that supports weight loss processes!” – Ola, 27 years old

“As an employee in a large international corporation, frequent travel and quick, indiscriminate eating took a toll on my health. This supplement helped stabilize my digestive system and boost my immunity.” – Agata, 44 years old

“I had long-standing issues with reduced immunity, and every winter would result in a cold for me. Since I started using the chlorella dietary supplement from Coral Club, my problems have disappeared!” – Josh, 54 years old



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