Black Walnut Leaves Coral Club

Black walnut is used in case of helminthic invasions, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, chronic eczema, diathesis. It is used in complex programs to lose weight, cleanse the body, invigorate it, as well as as an auxiliary remedy in various chronic diseases.


Black Walnut Leaves Coral Club

Food supplement – Black walnut leaves, comes from black walnut, a tree highly valued in North America, the country of origin. This supplement – Black Walnut Leaves, is so popular due to the beneficial and effective actions of the natural substances that enter into its composition. The plant contains juglone, vitamin C, carotene, vitamins B1, B6, P, E, essential oil, and organic acids.

The black walnut (Juglans nigra), also known as the American walnut, is a large deciduous species in the Juglandaceae family and native to eastern North America, before spreading west to California. Black walnut has heights of up to 100 meters and deep roots of up to 10 meters.

This is why black walnut can be found in regions with occasional rainfall or near streams. The leaves are spear-shaped, light green, and a few centimeters long. The bark is black, deeply thickened, thick, and reveals a dark covered surface when scraped.

The tree is native to the Himalayas, Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, and has been cultivated in Europe since 100 BC. Black walnut has also been used historically to get rid of the fever and to treat kidney disease, gastrointestinal disorders, ulcers, toothaches, snake bites, and syphilis.

Black Walnut Leaves – composition

Juglon is the most important active substance in black walnut. This substance normalizes the activity of the intestine and acts as a mild laxative in case of constipation. It is effective against bacteria, fungi, and helminths. Since ancient times, Hippocrates used it to eliminate intestinal worms. In folk medicine of South and North America it is still used as a remedy against roundworms and tapeworms. 

Flavonoids provide antioxidant and spasmolytic properties. It also relaxes smooth muscles. 

Linolenic acid is actively involved in the breakdown of fat cells and the reduction of low-density cholesterol. This is one of the causes of atherosclerosis and fatty degeneration of the liver. Linolenic acid is very important for the human body as it is part of cell membranes, nerve fibers, and retina.

This acid is not synthesized in the human body. Therefore, its intake can only come from proper nutrition or dietary supplements. 

Tannins (tanned substances) have an anti-inflammatory effect and exert an influence on the mucous membranes. They reduce irritation and improve tissue density. Tannins from a waterproof film that insulates the mucosa against further damage. Thus, it accelerates its healing. 

Black Walnut Leaves – benefits

Black walnut is used in case of helminthic invasions. Also, in cases of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, chronic eczema or diathesis. It is used in complex detoxification or cleansing programs. Including programs to invigorate it, as well as a helpful remedy in various chronic diseases.

Black Walnut Leaves – opinions and recommendations

It is a product that my whole family consumes, especially children. Why do I recommend it especially to children? Because it is the easiest, most natural, and efficient method of deworming. 

I must mention that for an efficient deworming, I also recommend correct hydration. Personally, I use Coral Mine for alkaline water rich in minerals “, Sara, 45 years old

I could say that I consider myself the number 1 fan of this food supplement: D. It is so effective that I don’t even know what an “intestinal parasite” means. 

In my opinion, this product can be consumed daily, especially since we always touch dirty objects, and microbes are everywhere. Health“, Alex, 27 years old

This dietary supplement is recommended for both adults and children after the age of 4.



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black walnut coral clubBlack Walnut Leaves Coral Club