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This dietary supplement was created based on chlorella microalgae – popular algae from the green algae cluster. This alga is a real health bomb – it contains as many as 70 substances necessary for humans. Its antioxidant properties and positive effects on the immune system and digestive system have been known for a long time.


Chlorella Coral Club – tablets

Thanks to the content of over 70 different micronutrients, chlorella is called a real vitamin bomb or a health bomb. Has a positive impact on various areas of our body’s functioning, including:

Chlorella contributes to liver health. It helps to remove heavy metals from the body, helps in the growth of beneficial intestinal microflora, helps soothe irritated intestinal walls. It has a positive effect on the immune system because it is responsible for the production of an interferon-a protein with rich antiviral properties.

This plant can help with concentration problems and affect better memory. Due to the high content of folic acid and lutein, it is also especially recommended for women seeking a child.

Chlorella Coral Club is rich in iron and calcium (it is 11 times more than in milk). This supplement is also full of zinc, manganese, selenium, and is also rich in magnesium.

However, its main task, thanks to its antioxidant properties, is to support the work of the immune system. It is especially recommended for people who, for various reasons, struggle with problems of reduced immunity, especially e.g. in the winter. Perfectly supports the work of our immune system.

Chlorella – action:

is characterized by a high content of chlorophyll – it contains up to 5-10 times more than the popular spirulina or alfalfa extract. Chlorophyll can be used to treat anemia – it helps saturate the blood with oxygen.

For vegetarians, this plant can also be a very rich source of protein – besides, it contains beta-carotene, numerous vitamins (including B9, B12, E, and C), amino acids, and minerals needed for proper nutrition of the human body. It is a great substitute for meat.

The product has a positive effect on digestion – regulates the level of secreted digestive juices, is also a source of food for beneficial microflora in our intestines. According to users, chlorella improves bowel function and helps fight indigestion.

In particular, it is recommended for the weakened, who are struggling with numerous health problems, the elderly, people living in polluted areas (such as large cities) or working in harmful conditions, abusing cigarettes or alcohol, people suffering from anemia or problems with the digestive system.

Chlorella Coral Club – ingredients and dosage:

Ingredients: Chlorella Pyrenoidosa powder – 3000 mg. The recommended portion for consumption during the day necessary to obtain a beneficial effect of the product: consume 2 tablets 3 times a day with a meal.

Chlorella Coral Club – where to buy / price

It’s best to buy them straight from the manufacturer – that’s why you can buy the Chlorella Coral Club diet supplement HERE.

Chlorella Coral Club reviews:

“I had weight problems for a long time. Chlorella helped me easily get rid of the excess fat in my body. This is a good measure, supporting weight loss processes!”, Ola, 27 years old

“I work in a large international corporation, I travel often, eat quickly and just about anything – it all affects my health. This supplement helped me stabilize my digestive system and improve my immunity”, Agata, 44 years

For a long time I had problems with reduced immunity, every winter ended with a cold for me. Since I started using the chlorella diet supplement from Coral Club, my problems have disappeared!”, Josh, 54 years old



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