HydraMax Coral Club

We know very well that water has a huge impact on your body – after all, it accounts for as much as 70%. That is why we have prepared for you the HydraMax Coral Club set, which will help you get and then maintain the right level of hydration.

By buying these products in the set, you will pay less than if you bought these products individually!


HydraMax Coral Club

HydraMax is the richest set in our offer supporting hydration of the body. We know perfectly well that the human body consists mostly of water, which is why maintaining its proper level is very important for our health. Any deficit of this valuable ingredient has a negative impact on our well-being and health. That’s why we’ve created this set with all our supplements to help you increase and then maintain adequate hydration.

HydraMax Coral Club – ingredients:

Coral-Mine (3 × 10 sachets)

Coral Mine is one of our flagship products – a natural supplement made in Japan, derived from Scleractina coral fossils, living in the pure waters of the Japanese sea, around the Okinawa islands. This component is a very rich source of calcium and magnesium, and we know perfectly well that both of these components are necessary in the process of building strong bones and teeth, as well as keep all our muscles working properly. In addition, both of these ingredients affect the production of digestive enzymes as well as the blood’s clotting process.

Magnesium is one of the most necessary ingredients in supplementation – thanks to it our muscles work better, we get rid of their vibrations, the feeling of fatigue or weariness disappears. It is also an important component involved in the functioning of the nervous system, is responsible for good memory, easier learning and basic psychological functions.

H-500 (60 capsules)

H-500  Coral Club is a dietary supplement with strong antioxidant properties. It helps protect our body against free radicals (which play a significant role in the aging process), it also helps to support the proper functioning of our entire body. In the opinion of users, this dietary supplement helps to maintain vitality for longer, as well as adequate physical and mental efficiency.

It is especially recommended for people who are exposed to pollution of the body – living under stress, in highly industrialized areas and working hard – the contemporary lifestyle, often based on demanding work, low sleep or reaching for stimulants, has a negative impact on the functioning of our bodies.

Pentokan (20 effervescent tablets)

A harmonious combination of potassium, vitamin C and ribose – three ingredients necessary to maintain effective energy exchange. This dietary supplement will contribute to maintaining a lower level of blood pressure, also supports the processes of proper muscle function in our body. All three components play an important role in the functioning of the nervous system.

This remedy is also recommended to athletes, because it contributes to faster regeneration of the body after intense exercise. In addition, we know very well that vitamin C is good for our immune system and has been used in medicine (including natural medicine) for centuries.

HydraMax Coral Club – application:

Recommended use of all components of this set:

  • Coral Mine – one sachet per day dissolved in 1.5 liters of water
  • H-500 – 1 capsule twice a day, drink a glass (250 ml) of still water. Take in the morning and late afternoon
  • Pentokan – 1 tablet once or twice a day before or during a meal. The tablet should be dissolved in approx. 60 ml of water or fruit juice.

HydraMax Coral Club– where to buy / price /

We strongly advise against buying products such as dietary supplements on popular auction sites – the products there are of unknown origin, and it is not known what their expiration date is.

The easiest way to buy is through the official Coral Club store , available HERE .

HydraMax Coral Club – reviews:

” For a long time, I have felt tired and tired every day. A friend suggested that it could be caused by problems with too little water in the body. I used the HydraMax set for a long time and I feel definitely better! 
Ola, 35 years old

“I live on the run, in a hurry, I often eat unhealthy things at a fast pace – I needed something that would help me quickly cleanse and regenerate the body, as well as regain vitality. I followed the advice and used HydraMax – in my opinion it’s a great choice! 
Żaneta, 47 years old

” I recently started having digestive problems and my body often dehydrated. It has always been associated with a bad mood. I used HydraMax, which helped me recover after dehydration. 
Anna, 67 years old



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