Neitronik MG-04M Coral Club

Neitronik is a special antenna, with dimensions of 15х45х0.6 mm. The crystal matrix of the antenna has the special ability to absorb and transform electromagnetic energy. The antenna is excited by the transmitter, creating its own field, which, interacting with the transmitter field, transforms the spectrum of harmful emissions into a form harmless to humans.



Neitronik MG-04M Coral Club

Neitronik MG-04M from Coral Club is a device for protection against radiation and electromagnetic waves – EMF-FREE. This is one of the latest achievements in the field of microelectronics. Created with the latest advances in technology, this device is designed to protect you  from electromagnetic radiation  emitted by radio transmitting devices such as mobile phone, smartphone, wifi router, radiotelephone and devices equipped with graphic displays such as computer, TV, tablet , laptop, e-books.

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Electromagnetic waves: the impact on the human body

All modern technology – whether it communicates wirelessly or works with alternating current – emits EMF radiation, and its volume increases considerably from year to year.

Basically, the emission of EMF radiation is exactly how these devices work, respectively, if you block all connections, the technological device will not work! Thus, if you want to use and enjoy modern technology – or live near other people who do – you can not avoid exposure to electromagnetic radiation, especially since they are everywhere nowadays.

Electromagnetic fields produced by mobile phones are classified by  the International Agency for Research on Cancer  as being potentially carcinogenic to humans. Long-term exposure to radio frequency fields produced by   mobile phones  can cause cancer, dysfunctions of the nervous, lymphatic, cardiovascular immune system.

In a study by German and British scientists for the European Parliament, it was concluded that man-made electrosmog through the use of electronic devices is the main   modern  threat to the health of society . This non-ionizing electromagnetic pollution of artificial origin is extremely dangerous because it goes unnoticed by the senses. Thus, scientists have made it clear that we need individual protection.

Neitronik MG-04M Coral Club: how it works

Because we do not have a   sensory organ , which would perceive and identify the electromagnetic field, these waves have a considerable impact on our health. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a member of the  World Health Organization ,  electromagnetic radiation  is one of the primary sources of cancer.

Thanks to the Neitronik  MG-04M  from Coral Club, there is, however, the possibility to protect yourself from them and fully enjoy the use of your phone or computer.

So what is it and how does it work?

The EMF-FREE protection device eliminates the electromagnetic load from the body and prevents the long-term effect of direct exposure to devices that emit EM. The effectiveness of this device has been repeatedly confirmed by numerous tests, as well as ensured by the best products by customers around the world.

The Neitronik device is a special antenna, measuring 15 х 45 х 0.6 mm. Its main advantage compared to similar devices is that it works only if the equipment is turned on and acts only on the electromagnetic field generated by the emitting equipment. The crystal matrix of the antenna has the special ability to absorb and transform electromagnetic energy.

Neitronik is excited by the transmitter field and creates its own field in the direction of the lines marked by it. The interaction of the two fields allows the modification of the transmitter signal, transforming it into a harmless one for humans.

The action of the device consists in neutralizing that part of the modulated spectrum of technogenic emissions from equipment, which has a high penetration capacity and acts negatively on the intercellular exchange in the human body.

The normal electromagnetic field can be measured at a distance of up to 50 cm from the screen, and the vortex electrical component can be recorded at a distance of up to 10 m and more.
Neitronik MG-04M starts operating once the PC or TV monitor is turned on, thanks to the reflecting antenna it neutralizes 2-3 times the three components of the PC and TV emission field and reduces the static electricity field by about 2 times (after the distance from monitor) or 4 times (depending on the surface).

Neitronic has a number of advantages, namely: it is a 100% environmentally friendly product, it is easy and simple to use, it has a validity of up to 10 years and it does not degrade the quality of radio communication.

Neitronik MG-04M Coral Club: how to use

Read the instruction manual before using the device. Remove the device from its packaging, remove it from the protective paper, and secure it to the equipment.

To prevent loss of protective properties of the device, it must not be cut, broken, mechanically deformed or reused from one piece of equipment to another.

Neitronik MG-04M Coral Club: validity

Minimum 3 years from the date of use, the service life is 10 years under the conditions of correct use of the rules of application of the device

Neutron MG-04M Coral Club: price

If you are looking for the Neitronik MG-04M for electromagnetic wave protection, visit  the product page HERE  to see how to order. Every Coral Club product, including the Neitronik MG-04M, is internationally certified, which guarantees a high degree of quality.

Thus, the easiest way to buy this device is through the official store of the manufacturer, available  HERE .

Neutron MG-04M Coral Club: opinions

“Both I and all my family members have been using this device for more than 7 years. We have it on every phone, computer and tablet. From what I have observed all this time, I can say that one of the main advantages of Neitronik is that its impact is not on the person, but on the flow of radiation and therefore on the safety of the user and the environment.

I noticed that my phone no longer heats up when I talk for more than 5 or 10 minutes, that I no longer have headaches or earaches after every phone and elementary conversation, our house feels clean and airy. I recommend this device, I can even say that it is a must-have for every owner of electronic devices “,  Mark, 38 years old.



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