Coral Lecithin

Coral Lecithin – Lecithin Coral Club is one of the most versatile products. It plays a significant role in all processes occurring in the human body, especially in the circulatory and nervous systems. It supports the maintenance of the required amount of cholesterol in the blood, takes part in the metabolism of fats, improves muscle function, and also supports the process of their regeneration after intense physical effort.


Coral Lecithin – Lecithin Coral Club

It is one of the basic components of all cell membranes in the human body. It is used, among others, to rebuild damaged cells. The composition of lecithin includes ingredients such as choline and inositol, which are responsible for supporting the process of sending nerve impulses to the brain – hence better memory or reduced nervousness or irritability.

Very often it is recommended to people who work mentally or during periods of increased education, e.g. before exams. Elderly people will remember similar, beneficial effects. Various studies show the positive effect of lecithin on improving brain function and the ability to remember information.

Lecithin is also an antioxidant, protects the skin and the body against free radicals (such as Microhydrin ), supports the process of removing toxins from the body.

Soy lecithin is also a great support in the work of our heart – it helps to eliminate the number of fatty acids in the blood, supports the lipid metabolism in the liver cells (thus preventing it from fat), and is also responsible for reducing blood cholesterol. It can also cause low blood pressure. It participates in the processing of fats and cholesterol, facilitates their transport, and accelerates the cleansing of the body of these substances. Helps prevent atherosclerotic deposits and blood clots.

Lecithin is responsible for supporting immunological processes – by producing antibodies, it increases resistance to diseases. It is also an important supplement in the treatment of certain diseases – it facilitates the reconstruction of nerve tissue damaged by diseases.

It is also an important factor for young children – it affects the development of mental and cognitive abilities – as well as mothers – supports skin regeneration after delivery and helps restore its protective functions.

Taking lecithin is also recommended for people whose organs have been strongly poisoned – it supports liver regeneration after using alcohol, nicotine, drugs, or medicines. Takes an active part in managing fat exchange processes, breaking down fats into simple fatty acids. It helps reduce the adverse effects of alcohol, various drugs, and substances that burden the liver. Accelerates its regeneration, especially when it was heavily damaged, e.g. in alcoholism. Thanks to the ability to dissolve cholesterol in bile, it prevents the formation of painful gallstones.

Coral Club lecithin also has a positive effect on psychological processes – it is considered an effective supplement in the treatment of manic-depressive disorders, delusions, hallucinations, and depression.

It can also be effective in the case of men’s sexual health problems – it helps increase fertility by increasing the volume of sperm and the number of spermatozoa they contain.

Coral Lecithin – ingredients:

Ingredients Recommended daily dose
2 capsules 3 capsules
lecithin 2400 mg 3600 mg

 Ingredients:  soy lecithin, gelatin, glycerin, water. 

Allergen causing substances are marked in bold in the list of ingredients.

Coral Lecithin – application:

Take one capsule 2-3 times a day during a meal.

The product cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. It is recommended to use a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Store at room temperature. Protect from moisture. Keep out of reach of small children.

Coral Lecithin – where to buy

The easiest way to buy Coral Lecithin is through the official Coral Club store, available HERE.

Lecithin Coral Club – reviews:

“I study medicine, my exams are particularly difficult – lecithin supplementation in front of them helps me remember content better”
Adam, 25 years old

” My liver was heavily poisoned by drugs, using Coral Club lecithin helped rebuild it. 
Ada, 37 years old

” At my age, I was experiencing heart problems more and more – thanks to lecithin, I was able to normalize his work. 
Anna, 67 years old



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Coral Lecithin coral clubCoral Lecithin