Coral Magnesium Coral Club

Magnesium – Coral Magnesium Coral Club is a set of supplements created by our specialists, which together form a product that allows you to quickly and healthily replenish magnesium deficiencies in the body.



Magnez – Coral Magnesium Coral Club

Its regular use supports the processes of normal brain function, adequate level of cell nutrition, as well as provides protection against negative substances from the outside and supports the proper energy potential of the whole body. It also has a sedative effect.

The composition of this supplement has been selected in such a way that guarantees mutual support for the action of individual elements.

As is known, magnesium is one of the most popular chemical components in nature and is found in both animal and plant organisms. Nevertheless, a lot of people suffer from a deficiency – this can be due to improper diet or being in heavily polluted areas, consuming a large amount of alcohol or even such a popular coffee.

In the human body, magnesium is responsible for a lot of things – a total of as many as 300 biochemical processes of the body. Its largest amount is found in the bones and muscles. He is responsible for maintaining electrolyte balance and proper functioning of our psychological resources. It also has a big impact on the construction of healthy bones and teeth. It can also be recommended for people who often feel tired or tired. This dietary supplement is very often used for the prevention of arrhythmias and the treatment of hypertension. In addition, it protects the body from the harmful effects of heavy metals, which can be especially useful for people living in heavily polluted urban or post-faphatic areas.

Each of us has certainly experienced the problem of twitching muscles – this may have been due to magnesium deficiency, because magnesium plays a very important role in the process of muscle work, nervous system and protein synthesis. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency can also be muscle spasms, tremor of the eyelids, sleep problems, frequent headaches. Magnesium supplementation may also be recommended for regular sports people. In this case, adequate magnesium supplementation can help with faster recovery after injuries, especially muscle one. In addition, magnesium expands the airways, so sometimes its use is recommended for people with breathing problems – e.g. asthmatics.

Continuous magnesium deficiency can contribute to the development of diseases such as osteoporosis, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, insomnia, kidney or liver damage, impotence. Magnesium can also be supplemented by diet, it should be rich in legumes, cereals, spinach, lettuce and nuts. And we must not forget about water – adequate quality water (e.g. this one enriched with Coral Mine)will make up for magnesium deficiencies in the body.

Use: 2 capsules per day with a meal.

Coral Magnesium – ingredients:


Dietary Supplement 90 Capsules
Content in 1 capsule Recommended daily intake of 2 capsules
150 mg (40%)* 300 mg (80%)*
* – % Of Recommended Daily Intake.
1 capsule contains: magnesium taurinate, magnesium diglicinate.
Other ingredients: magnesium stearate (stabilizer) — plant capsule: gelatin, water.

Coral Magnesium – where to buy / price

Wondering where you can buy this dietary supplement? Nothing easier, buy it in the official Coral Club store – HERE.

Reviews of Coral Magnesium:

I study medicine, and that means a lot of science. During the session, I often had problems concentrating. Ever since I started using magnesium supplementation at the instigation of a friend, learning comes to me much easier and I no longer have memory problems.
Anna, 25 years old

My work is very responsible and requires full concentration and memory of a large amount of data. I can’t afford to forget something or not be able to concentrate. Since using this set of supplements, my work is much simpler and I cope better with stress.
Adam, 31 years old

” I play competitive sports professionally – when I had a serious muscleinjury a few months ago, I thought it was the end of my professional career. But adequate magnesium supplementation combined with rehabilitation, helped me regenerate the damaged muscle. 
Anna, 31 years old



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Coral Magnesium coral clubCoral Magnesium Coral Club