Ca-Mg Complex Calcium & Magnesium Coral Club

Ca-Mg Complex Coral Club is a dietary supplement containing a mixture of two elements very important for the functioning of our body – calcium and magnesium. His task is to support the building of our bones, as well as supporting the work of our muscles.



Ca-Mg Complex: Supporting Vital Body Functions

The Ca-Mg Complex supplement from Coral Club offers two essential ingredients:


Calcium (Ca) is a fundamental mineral in the human body, primarily concentrated in bones and teeth, serving as their building blocks. It also plays various roles in soft tissues and body fluids.
Calcium is involved in numerous bodily processes, including enzyme function, hormone synthesis, and nerve signal transmission. It contributes to muscle contraction, blood clotting, and facilitates the transport of substances across cell membranes. Additionally, calcium greatly impacts the circulatory and vascular system, making it beneficial for individuals with hypertension.

Vitamin D aids in calcium absorption.


Magnesium (Mg) is a vital element necessary for the life processes of all living organisms on Earth.
Within the human body, magnesium is present in skeletal structures, muscles, and soft tissues. It plays a crucial role in the transformation of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Together with calcium, magnesium is essential for proper bone mineralization. It enables the brain to send signals to nerves that control muscle movement. Magnesium also contributes to hormonal balance and helps maintain stable blood glucose levels.

Sufficient levels of magnesium are particularly important for individuals with cardiovascular issues, as it aids in regulating blood pressure. Research suggests that magnesium may prevent the development of atherosclerotic diseases and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Insufficient magnesium levels can lead to arrhythmias, muscle spasms, and atrial or ventricular fibrillation.

Ca-Mg Complex: Applications

Dietary supplements rich in magnesium find their applications in individuals seeking to enhance the condition and functionality of three vital systems: bones, blood, and muscles. These supplements help regulate muscle function, including the heart, and alleviate uncontrolled muscle spasms. Proper calcium levels promote stronger and more resilient bones, reducing the risk of injuries.

Where to Purchase Ca-Mg Complex and Pricing

We recommend purchasing Ca-Mg Complex supplements directly from the manufacturer’s website to ensure quality and authenticity. You can find Ca-Mg Complex and its pricing HERE.

Customer Reviews of Ca-Mg Complex

“For a long time, I struggled with uncontrolled muscle contractions. Proper magnesium supplementation helped me eliminate the problem.”
Ola, 27 years old

“As an avid practitioner of extreme sports, I frequently face various falls. Since I started supplementing with magnesium and calcium, I have experienced fewer injuries. It’s definitely worth it!”

Olaf, 25 years old

“With age, I began to experience more and more heart rhythm issues. Persuaded by friends, I decided to supplement with calcium and magnesium, and I have noticed significant improvement.”

Jan, 64 years old

Ca-Mg Complex: Ingredients

Ingredients Recommended daily dose
2 tablets (% RWS *) 4 tablets (% RWS *)
Calcium 150 mg (18.75%) 300 mg (37.5%)
Magnesium 50 mg (13.33%) 100 mg (26.66%)
Horsetail extract, including: 35.7 mg (**) 71.4 mg (**)
Silica 2.5 mg (**) 5 mg (**)
Vitamin D3 (100,000 IU/g) 1500 mcg = 150 IU (75%) 3000 mcg = 300 IU (150%)
Boron 0.5 mg (**) 1 mg (**)
Vitamin K2 75 mcg (100%) 150 mcg (200%)


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