Ca-Mg Complex Calcium & Magnesium Coral Club

Ca-Mg Complex Coral Club is a dietary supplement containing a mixture of two elements very important for the functioning of our body – calcium and magnesium. His task is to support the building of our bones, as well as supporting the work of our muscles.



Ca-Mg Complex Coral Club

The Ca-Mg Complex Coral Club supplement contains two main ingredients:


Calcium (Ca) is one of the basic minerals in the human body, the vast majority of which are found in bones and teeth. It is their basic “building material”. It also performs other functions in other areas of our body, including in soft tissues or body fluids.

This component also participates in many other body processes – it is responsible for the work of enzymes, the construction of hormones, and the transmission of signals between nerves. It also participates in the process of muscle contraction, blood clotting or penetration of other elements through cell membranes. It also has a huge impact on the functioning of the entire circulatory and vascular system, as well as on the work of the heart. It is often recommended for people with hypertension problems.

Vitamin D is also useful for calcium absorption.


Magnesium (Mg) is an element needed to support the life processes of all organisms on earth.

It also plays a huge role in the human body, it can be found virtually anywhere – e.g. in the skeletal system, muscles or all soft tissues. Magnesium is responsible for the processes of transformation: carbohydrate, fat and protein. Together with calcium, it plays a huge role in the process of proper bone mineralization. It is thanks to him that our brain can send signals to the nerves that move muscles. It significantly affects the hormonal balance of our body. It also allows long-term maintenance of proper blood glucose levels.

Adequate magnesium levels are also important for people with cardiac or vascular problems. participation in the process of regulating blood pressure. Some studies suggest that magnesium may prevent the development of atherosclerotic diseases. It also helps to avoid coronary heart disease, stroke or diabetes. People without proper levels of magnesium in the blood may experience arrhythmias, muscle spasms, atrial or ventricular fibrillation.

Ca-Mg Complex – application:

Dietary supplements rich in magnesium will find their application in people who would like to improve the condition and work of three important systems: bone, blood and muscle. They help regulate muscle (including heart) work, thanks to proper supplementation we will get rid of, among others uncontrolled muscle spasms. Thanks to the appropriate level of calcium in our body, our bones will be stronger and less susceptible to damage.

Ca-Mg Complex – where to buy / price

We recommend buying supplements straight from the manufacturer, his website and the price of Ca-Mg Complex HERE.

Ca-Mg Complex – reviews:

” For a long time I had a problem with uncontrolled muscle contractions. I was able to eliminate it thanks to proper magnesium supplementation. 
Ola, 27 years old

” I do several extreme sports on a daily basis and I am often exposed to falls of various kinds. Since I supplement with magnesium and calcium, injuries occur much less frequently. In my opinion – it’s worth it! 
Olaf, 25 years old

” Over the years I have had more and more problems with my heartbeat. Persuaded by friends, I decided to supplement with calcium and magnesium, now I feel much better! 
Jan, 64 years old

Ca-Mg Complex – ingredients:

Ingredients Recommended daily dose
2 tablets (% RWS *) 4 tablets (% RWS *)
Calcium 150 mg (18.75%) 300 mg (37.5%)
Magnesium 50 mg (13.33%) 100 mg (26.66%)
Horsetail extract, including: 35.7 mg (**) 71.4 mg (**)
    Silica 2.5 mg (**) 5 mg (**)
Vitamin D3 (100,000  IU / g) 1500 mcg = 150  IU  (75%) 3000 mcg = 300  IU  (150%)
Boron 0.5 mg (**) 1 mg (**)
Vitamin K2 75 mcg (100%) 150 mcg (200%)




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Ca-Mg Complex Coral ClubCa-Mg Complex Calcium & Magnesium Coral Club